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Whilst I realise we are not perfect, here at SW19 Beauty we are mindful of the environment and where possible incorporate eco-friendly practices within our salon.  These are just a few things we’re doing to try make a difference:

  • Reusable bamboo cotton pads (replacing the standard cotton disks)

  • Bamboo or paper stem earbuds

  • Refillable glass bottles, limiting the amount of plastic 

  • Recycled tissue paper

  • Low energy LED light bulbs

  • As many vegan friendly products as possible (Cliniccare, CND Shellac Nail Products,  Outback Organics are completely vegan and just a few from Dermalogica are not, however they are working on that)

  • Disposable, bio-degradable towels (Scrummi)

  • Reusable cotton face mitts and wipes

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Using products  that are carbon neutral 

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