Face Treatments

All Treatments are suitable for both men and women


The Classic Face Treatment




The 'traditional' Face Treatment that uses Eve Taylor relaxes, uplifts and energises the skin and face. 

It includes:  A double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisturise & SPF protect.


The Advanced Face Treatment




This Face Treatment is an extended and more intense version of the The Classic Face Treatment using Dermalogica skin care.

It includes:  The same procedure as above, however it uses more advanced  products and it benefits from the use of one electrical bolt on.  Please see below for bolt on extras.

The SW19 Signature Face Treatment





This is the penultimate all-inclusive Face Treatment. It progresses on from the The Advanced Face Treatment with the additional benefit of two or more additional bolt on's.  We use whatever is needed for the ultimate result, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, nourished, rejuvenated, lifted with a more even skin tone and texture. 

Each treatment is different and is 100% tailored to address the skins areas of concerns, such as; the signs of ageing, sensitivity, skin breakouts and pigmentation.  

The Brightening Face Treatment

Dermalogica Pro 30




Probright utilises Biolumin C Pro Serum with advanced technology to infuse the skin with moisture and skin brightening ingredients.

High-performance serum enhances skin’s natural defence system to brighten, firm and help dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced bio-technology and an ultra-stable Vitamin C complex work synergystically to enhance bioavailability of Vitamin C to fight oxidative stress and the appearance of skin ageing before it starts. Optimised delivery system combined with a peptide and AHA renews for brighter, firmer, more radiant skin.

The 'Clear Start'

Teen Face Treatment





The Face Treatment is aimed to purify, help clear breakouts & absorb excess oils on teenage skins without any harsh side effects.  We double cleanse, exfoliate, extract (if needed & suitable), masque & moisturise using Dermalogica's Clear Start product range designed for teenage / young adult skins.

Best of Both


80 mins


55mins Face Treatment


25mins Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

(Please Note:  This Face Treatment is a shorter version of the 'Classic' face treatment, where we use Eve Taylor.  We do not target or treat any skin concerns nor do we use electrical equipment.  It is a relaxing and destressing treatment).

Back Cleanse




After a back cleanse you will benefit from the clear out of blocked pores through a double cleanse and exfoliation with steam & extraction (if needed).  It will also help soften, smooth and even out the skin tone and texture. The treatment varies depending on the skins needs. 

The SW19 Rejuvenation Face Treatment




CLINICARE are a leading expert in applied scientific cosmeceutical skin care ingredients which deliver optimal concentrations of pharmaceutical grade small molecular weight Hyuluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, peptides with Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) and other powerful active ingredients. These act where they are needed most – below the skin’s surface – to rejuvenate from within and improve overall skin health and appearance. CLINICARE use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest levels of quality  and safety, and to deliver outstanding results.

Choice of 

  • GLOW – Recommended for melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged & de-hydrated skin

  • PURE – Is excellent for blemishes, acne and sensitive skin such as rosacea

  • REFRESH & TIGHT – Fine lines, wrinkles & skin rejuvenation

The  Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy Face Treatment




Skin rejuvenating, anti-ageing and tightening treatment.

A no-downtime treatment during which carbon dioxide is infused into the skin, to increase the flow of oxygen and so improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

This minimally invasive treatment can offer long lasting skin improvements such as:
•    Elastin stimulation 
•    Tissue tightening and brightening
•    Skin regeneration
•    Reduction of dark under-eye circles
•    Improvement in circulation
•    Improved lymphoid drainage

The 'Needle Power' Face Treatment




This powerful, next level face treatment is one not to be missed. 

  • Microneedling is a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin which is minimally invasive, meaning low / no pain or downtime.  

  • The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen & elastin resulting in plumper, fresher & more rejuvenated skin tone & texture.  This procedure visibly reduces the signs of aging, sun damage & acne scaring, leaving the skin more radiant with a smoother complexion. 

Includes; microneedling, Epidermal Growth Factors; Hydrating sheet masks & LED light therapy. 


The 'Power House' Face Treatment

includes both a Peel & LED Light Therapy


 75 mins


This face treatment combines the benefits of both skin peels, where we use the finest products from professional market leaders Cliniccare & the award winning world leading Dermalux LED Light Therapy ending off with a Cliniccare Sheet Mask, which is packed full of goodness & hyaluronic acid, leaving the skin soft & full of hydration. 

Our skin peels are superficial chemical peels which only remove the upper layers of the epidermis (skin) and we recommend several peels of light depths to achieve similar results to one deeper peel treatment, without the soreness and rawness normally associated with chemical peel treatments.

These Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acid peels contain a special blend of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic acids for penetration of the stratum corneum and epidermis. They are ideal professional substances that unveil a fresh, even and luminous complexion and encourage skin cell regeneration.

There is no skin peel preparation required for these superb chemical peels that are totally customisable for bespoke state-of-the-art skin treatments.

  • PURE - An intensely soothing treatment for troubled, sensitive and acne-like skin conditions. Relieves irritation and targets hyperactive sebaceous glands

  • GLOW - Revive tired, uneven and dull looking skin and lighten pigmentation

  • REFRESH / TIGHT - For fine lines, wrinkles and rejuvenation. An anti-ageing treatment for combating and preventing signs of ageing, smoothing the skin and restoring radiance

Please note:  This treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant or are planning on going in the sun.  If the client uses any exfoliating products at home i.e. retinol it needs to be stopped at least 48hrs before the treatment.

Clients can have this treatment 2 weeks apart for maximum results. 

Recommended course of 3 treatments, every 2 weeks:


IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Please see our IPL Treatment section.

Bolt On's

Bolt On's are used within Face Treatments to enhance the results of the treatment.  They can be added in specific treatments or purchased as courses. 

For a full list of our Bolt On's and descriptions please see below. 

'Light Power'

Dermalux LED Light Therapy



Dermalux is an award winning LED Light Therapy, which is a non-invasive treatment, that uses clinically proven therapeutic light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime. 

From the first treatment, Dermalux instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow. A treatment course offers cumulative benefits and can be targeted to specific skin concerns for the face and body with lasting and visible improvement. 

Dermalux is suitable for all skin types and concerns.  It is a wonderful treatment for those who suffer with acne & congested skin, inflammatory conditions such as sensitivity, rosacea & psoriasis, as well as skins that show signs of ageing & pigmentation, visibly reducing the fine lines and wrinkles. 

Dermalux is a treatment that has been clinically proven to calm, soothe & improve the skins tone, texture & overall comlexion. 

6 treatments 



(Non-Surgical Face Lift)



Currents cause the muscles in the face and neck to contract creating a tightening effect which stimulates the strengthening of muscle tone, lifting the jowls and eyebrows.  It improves the skins blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Micro-current aids lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness whilst leaving the skin feeling plump and revitalised.


6 treatments


The Perfect Combo



The perfect combination is to have both the non surgical face lift combined with Radio Frequency.

6 treatments


Radio Frequency





Radio Frequency penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra cellular matrix where the collagen fibres are embedded. The local heating of the area being treated causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibres, and at the same time increases the metabolism of the fibroblast in order to accelerate production of new collagen fibres and elastin fibres to create a smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.


Radio Frequency is effective in fighting against the drooping of the skin. Specifically, RF facilitates the attribution of oxygen in the tissues, activates cell metabolism, contributes to the excretion of catabolic residues and stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid formation in the skin.

Suitable for:
√ Skin Rejuvenation
√ Sagging facial skin
√ Fine lines and wrinkles
√ Hyperpigmentation
√ Inflamed skin
√ Scaly and dry skin
√ Oily skin

For plumper, firmer & tighter looking skin a course of 6 is recommended.

6 treatments 








Our technology uses a diamond tipped head and is a physical exfoliation with benefits including, the softening of fine lines, smooths the skins surface by removing dull dead skin cells, it helps to minimize skin pigmentation and acne scarring and evening out course skin texture, these actions aid in cell stimulation which encourage cell rejuvenation and turnover.  The suction action helps remove stubborn impurities under the skin, giving a fresh healthy skin complexion.   

6 treatments 


Galvanic / Iontophoresis / High Frequency



A dual action treatment, where current helps to  draw products deeper into the skins layers as well as penetrating Ion-Active serums.  Or it assists in clearing and shifting deep down stubborn underlying congestion and transports stagnant waste and impurities away from the skin surface.  It helps stimulate blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells therefore promoting cell rejuvenation and repair. 

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