Face Treatments

All face treatments include the use of Dermalogica products which promote healthy skin and do not use any harsh irritating ingredients.  All face treatments include a detailed consultation and based on the skins needs, the face treatment is personalized to combat those skin needs.  Each treatment will benefit from a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, massage and / or mask, moisturise and SPF protection.

30 mins


Excellent for pre parties and pre weddings (No steam or extraction)

The Mini Face Treatment

60 mins


The 'traditional' facial that relaxes, uplifts and energises the skin and face.  (Includes steam and extraction if needed)

The Traditional Face Treatment

75 mins


This is a all-inclusive face treatment where each treatment is different and is 100% tailored to address the  skins areas of concerns, such as; the signs of aging, sensitivity, skin breakouts and pigmentation, using advanced ion-Active products and ultra sonic techniques, to achieve rejuvenated, re-energised and healthy glowing skin.

This face treatment benefits from latest technologies depending on the skins concerns such as LED light therapy, galvanic current, high frequency and micro current.

Read below for each technology’s benefits.

The Advanced Face Treatment

40 mins


The Pro Power Peel is the strongest and fastest professional peel yet.  The collection of peels features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Axids (BHAs).  Which are ideal in targeting fine lines, scaring, uneven pigmentation or breakouts.  During this face treatment the therapist will customise a peel to instantly rejuvenate and refresh the client’s skin. Clients can have this treatment 2 weeks apart for maximum results. 

Recommended course of 3 treatments, every 2 weeks:


Pro Power Peel Face Treatment

70 mins


This face treatment combines the benefits of the Advanced Face Treatment and the Pro Power Peel.  The results of the peel are dramatically enhanced by using the powerful properties of the ion-Active products and serums, customised masks, relaxing massage and LED light therapy to ensure the skin is left smooth, glowing and at its optimum. Please note:  This treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant or are planning on going in the sun.  If the client uses any exfoliating products at home i.e. retinol it needs to be stopped at least 3 days before the treatment.

Recommended course of 3 treatments, every 2 weeks:


The Advanced Face Treatment including the Pro Power Peel

35 mins


This new technique is a painless, non-invasive relaxing treatment that has multiple benefits, particularly stimulating collagen production and treating mild acne. Our LED light therapy is unique in that it has the benefit of 7 different colours and offers a more diverse solution to skin imperfections. LED Light therapy works by penetrating light rays deeper into the layers of the skin.  The more common Red LED light stimulates cellular activity and aids in cell renewal and rejuvenation.  It helps minimize the signs of aging, i.e. reduce fine lines and wrinkles and plump the skin to look more youthful, and the Blue LED light has antibacterial properties that help destroy bacteria that live below the surface of the skin and is responsible for skin breakouts and acne. Other colours show additional benefits by reducing the signs of sun damage, uneven pigmentation, scaring and reduce redness and sensitivity which improves the skins overall colour.

This Face Treatment includes a Mini Face Treatment. 

Recommended treatment course is 12 treatments at 2-3 treatments a week.


LED Light Therapy Face Treatment

30 mins


Our technology uses a diamond

tipped head and is a physical exfoliation with benefits including, the softening of fine lines, smooths the skins surface by removing dull dead skin cells, it helps to minimize skin pigmentation and acne scarring and evening out course skin texture, these actions aid in cell stimulation which encourage cell rejuvenation and turnover.  The suction action helps remove stubborn impurities under the skin, giving a fresh healthy skin complexion.   

This face treatment does not include a mini face treatment, just a cleanse, treatment and then moisture and SPF protect.

Recommended course of treatment 1-2 per week 8 course treatment : 



40 mins


Also known as a non-surgical face lift.  Currents cause the muscles in the face and neck to contract creating a tightening effect which stimulates the strengthening of muscle tone lifting the jowls and eyebrows.  It improves the skins blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Micro-current aids lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness whilst leaving the skin feeling plump and revitalised.  This face treatment does not include a mini face treatment, just a cleanse treatment and then moisture and SPF protect.

Recommended course of treatment is 12 treatments 2-3 per week:  £340


(Non-Surgical Face Lift)

20 mins


The Galvanic Face Treatment uses current that help draw in products deeper into the skins layers as well as penetrating ion-Active serums.  This treatment has a dual action of helping to clear deep down congestion and transport stagnant waste and impurities.  It helps stimulate blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells therefore promoting cell rejuvenation and repair.  High-frequency has antibacterial and germicidal effects on the skin thus helping to destroy bacteria which live under the skins surface.  Both actions are deeply healing and improve the skin condition whilst giving a more youthful, brighter and clearer appearance.This face treatment does not include a mini face treatment, just a cleanse, treatment and then moisture and SPF protect.

12 treatment course (2-3 treatments per a week):


Galvanic/High Frequency Face Treatment

80 mins


55mins Face Treatment


25mins Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Best of Both

45 mins


(includes 15min back, neck & shoulder massage)


After a back cleanse you will benefit from the clear out of blocked pores through a double cleanse and exfoliation with steam.  It will also help soften, smooth and even out the skin tone and texture.  The additional 15min back, neck and shoulder massage will ease tension and stress.

Back Cleanse




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